Electric Vehicle registrations in Europe: 13 countries, majority of BEV market


Please note that daily UK data from April 2023 onwards is now collected from the UK DVLA and DVSA APIs.

There are certain limitations that you should be aware of:
  1. Data is obtained through the DVLA Vehicle Enquiry Service API and the DVSA MOT History API.
  2. These APIs provide access to the vehicle licensing database, which stores details of all licensed vehicles in the UK.

  3. The database behind APIs is updated 5 times a week, and eu-evs.com downloads this data with a 2 to 10 day delay, focusing on Tesla brand registrations. Changes in data for earlier dates are possible.
  4. Warning! The data collected by eu-evs.com covers all vehicles with a standard UK and Northern Ireland vehicle registration plates (VRM), but does not include vehicles with personalized or non-standard new VRMs, i.e. figures in daily and monthly views may be 5-10% lower than figures from official sources such as SMMT or GOV.UK. The quarterly and annual views will contain GOV.UK data, but they are published with a huge delay (around 5-6 months).

  5. UK data includes all type M1, M2 & N1 vehicles.